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The Rookery is a music collective, community, group... what ever you want to call it, we are all about making music happen more often!

We realised that we loved playing music and knew so many other people who did as well. So we decided to start bringing everyone we could together to celebrate our shared love of music. We believe that when you get a group of like minded people in the same space for a decent amount of time, some amazing things happen.

We specialise in hosting Jam Sessions and Showcase Gigs. We have been hosting these events for just over 2 years now. We are all about making music regardless of your style, ability, instrument, taste etc. it is all about just DOING more music.

We are based in Newcastle and Manchester and we are going to be making as much music happen as possible. So if you are a musician looking for people to jam with, a band looking for gigs or just a person looking for somewhere sick to go and be around music, COME AND GET INVOLVED!

What are you going to remember more when you’re 90 and in your arm chair; that time you didn’t go to The Rookery’s event...OR...the time you went down to The Rookery’s event and got deeply involved with a jam and group of people who you are friends with to this very day?